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"One of a kind" pieces are originated from the ideas and love in the mind of the chief designer, Karen. Designs are envisioned and then assembled as the vision progresses. As with many jewelry artists progression in design occurs when there is a love of the arts. Karen puts her love into the designs and often spends more time on individual pieces than would translate to the marked prices. We sell with the logo “Generous Spirit” which is meant to convey beauty and love to those who wear our jewelry. Our jewelry is meant to be displayed by the wearer and to help them enhance their self esteem as well as look beautiful to the observer. They are not just meant to be taking up space in a box or on a dresser. 

Generous Spirit Jewelry Designs" pieces have often been BIG and BOLD. The artfully designed items of our past are not for the conservative look. If you like old fashioned, retro, exciting looks from designs of the past then you will love this. Often called Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, or just plain vintage, this is jewelry of old, something that your grandmother or ancestors may have worn. However, no recycled jewelry is used in the production. Only new materials are used.

The artistic pieces of our past years are still available and can be seen and purchased by contacting us through the in-person shows or by contacting us through the email address and requesting information.