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"Generous Spirit Jewelry Designs" items are usually BIG and BOLD. These artfully designed items are not for the conservative look. If you like old fashioned, retro, exciting looks from designs of the past then you will love this. Often called Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, or just plain vintage, this is jewelry of old, something that your grandmother or ancestors may have worn. However, no recycled jewelry is used in the production. Only new materials are used. 

Handmade Crafts

"One of a kind" pieces are originated from the ideas and thoughts in the mind of the chief designer, Karen.  Designs are envisioned and then assembled as the vision progresses.  Raw filigree brass stampings are often used as a base for the work along with our own ceramic metal clay. Stones, crystals, glass, buttons, charms, paint, metals and more are combined into creative pieces that are then connected with handmade necklaces or wrist chains. The art of Kumihimo, a form of cord braiding, is often connected to the artistic pieces. Chainmaille, a form of wire art, is also made to co-ordinate with the finished articles and create the final item of jewelry. Often all three forms, Kumihimo, chainmaille, and the creative filigree brass designs are combined into unique necklaces or bracelets. Sometimes these designs are used alone as pins, pendants, lockets, and earrings.